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EIDD - Design for All Europe is a European network, founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1993 with the name of European Institute for Design and Disability. The original aim of the network, to use design to achieve the inclusion of disabled people in society in European countries, has since been reinforced with inclusion of a more mainstream approach, enhancing the quality of life through Design for All. The name change in 2006 reflects this development.

EIDD - Design for All Europe is now a federation of 34 Member Organisations in 23 European countries. With a strong inter-disciplinary approach, the majority of members are professionals in design-related fields.

The aim of EIDD

The aim of EIDD is to encourage active interaction and communication between professionals interested in the theory and practise of Design for All and to build bridges between, on the one hand, these and other members of the design community and, on the other hand, all those other communities where Design for All can make a real difference to the quality of life for everyone.

For this purpose, the Institute works pro-actively to establish and maintain a series of key partnerships with other European and international organisations active in related areas.

EIDD is the only design-led organisation in Europe focusing on the opportunities offered by design to overcome at source many of the obstacles that mankind has illogically created, in both mental attitudes and the resulting artificial environment, to enable all people to lead a full, pro-active part in an inclusive society.

EIDD offers widely acknowledged state-of-the-art expertise in the theory and practise of Design for All and has considerable experience in disseminating the relevance of its messages to a wide variety of audiences in a wide variety of fields of application all over the world.

Published: 25 January 2008
Updated: 9 October 2012

Paul Hogan, founder of EIDD and President Emeritus

Paul Hogan, founder of EIDD
and President Emeritus

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